The Anti-Plague Cross of St. Zacharias

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Wooden Medallion imprinted with the Cross of Zacharias


Anti-Plague Cloth with the Prayer in English

“When a severe plague was raging in the city of Trent in 1546, it is reported that the fathers of the Council of Trent devoutly wore certain characters arranged in the form of a cross collected by S. Zacharias, ancient Bishop of Jerusalem. In fact, they found that wearing and venerating these characters as signs of various devout ancient and spontaneous prayers to ward off the evil of contagion (as described by their explanation), was an advantageous remedy against the plague. These characters were written down on parchment in ancient times by the sainted bishop, and then found in the Monastery of Frailes in Spain, and placed in veneration with an admirable effect by devout people, who paid tribute to them, brought them back, and said the prayers.”

A Brief History

Sticker of the

Cross of Zacharias



The Relic Crusade has partnered with St. Michael Greek Catholic Church to be the Official Distributor of the Cross of St. Zacharias. The Parish was forced to shutter its only fund raiser due to the pandemic. The Parish has remained open the entire time and maintained its food for the homeless even without funding and has even expanded it to help anyone who is suffering food shortages during the pandemic. 

If you'd like, Father will bless your item after purchase, just let us know!

All funds raised will be a donation to the Parish of St. Michael


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